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One of the things that always bothers me about professional porn videos is that everyone is beautiful and pretty much younger. Now everyone knows sex doesn’t stop at the age of 30. So why is that all they ever try and show us?
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Every so often a video will leave me scratching my head wondering what on earth are those two doing? Today’s video was a case in point! I was so curious in fact, I had to actually go into the member’s area of Amateur Moviez and pull up the entire film!
Our couple today is a naughty pair from the UK who enjoy a bit of oil while tossing the salad, if you know what I mean!
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So you have probably noticed by now, I don’t usually spend much time mucking around. I like to get straight to the point or the humping or licking or whatever!
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Hello Again! We do have a treat for you today. This is a party gone wild! When Bill’s fiancee found him drunk at his friends house here is her revenge! I wonder if they will tell him what went on with his mates while he was drunk asleep.
Taria is our busty blonde bukkake babe today and she was VERY sticky by the end of this hot little film. Old Bill is a memory now but the video tape lives on and Taria is justly proud of it. After this little film she will have no trouble replacing that good for nothing!
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