British Amateur Housewife Caught September 22nd, 2016

I love this amateur movie site that I came across. It has real british amateurs and real action. The women are not fashion models, they are just regular gals that like a nice hard fuck.


This one I looked at today was especially nice. There was this nice bird, your average British housewife, and she was having a time with a couple blokes. She has a nice clit piercing. A few years ago, those piercings put me off, but now they do nothing but turn me on. She sucks some cock then they settle down to some good old shagging. A real hot time. I know I am revved up by this scene, and I bet you will be too. This site is
really hot. You know these are real amateurs who are having a good time. Nobody looks bored with what is going on. I positively love


Pretty British Amateur And Her First Bukkake Party September 18th, 2016

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Its a good thing the guys from British Bukkake brought our uk amateurs some pillows to kneel on because that floor looks rather hard and I am thinking she will be down there a while. Our bukkake slut today is a pretty little petite girl with pigtails still at uni. Of course the guys at British bukkake were very helpful and found her some horny guys and set her up. I mean when a girl that cute and curious wants to try bukkake the guys at Barry’s Mucky Movies are ready and willing to help.
For a fresh young thing she was certainly eager and must have practiced quite a lot on her cocksucking skills because she handled these guys like an expert, and when the cum started showering she was turning her face up to the hot spray to get the most cum on her! This cute little uk amateur had a fine time of it and lived out her fantasies!

Anja And Laura Love Pussy! September 14th, 2016

Anja and Laura are you british amateur specials today and such a sexy set of lesbians. I know I must have said it before but I swear the hottest amateurs always tend to be pussy loving girls! Now that is a huge loss unless some bloke can show them the light and the joys of a dick but we still get to watch these horny british amateur girls on videos, so all is not lost.

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Anyway back to this cute blonde pair of british lesbians from Adevil’s Amateurs. These naughty babes were more than happy to show off their clit licking pussy lapping and diddling skills for the camera. Oh and they sure did not stop until they both got off several times!
Adevil manages to find and bring us never before seen real UK amateurs who are really getting off to each other! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Mature Irena UK Housewife September 8th, 2016


Who says all those mature women types are stuffy? No one turned the sex drive off on these women just because they turned 40 something! So what if she looks like your average mum with kids in middle school? Check out our genuine british amateur today, Irena. Take a good long look at that pierced pussy while you are at it! I don’t see anything stuffy about this mature uk housewife!
It wasn’t easy to arrange this shooting either because Irena’s husband IS stuffy and sex is a dirty word to him.
No problem Irena had a great afternoon and tidied up everything before he got home! The only thing she could not hide was that big smile on her face!
She just had two guys at once and one of them was a black guy (her first). This gal got the seeing to she had been craving for years and thanks to Barry’s Mucky Movies we get to see it as well!
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Lola And Andrea UK Lesbians Sex September 4th, 2016


You know, I can’t normally say that the average british amateur is hot! I mean face it they are just girls and guys off the street and rather middle of the road in the looks department. To me that makes them sexier though and far more reachable since I never know if I may see one of them at the corner pub or the market.
However, I put all that aside today while watching this movie from British Amateur Splitlickers. These lesbians are hot hot hot! The very first thought that popped into my mind was – I wonder if they ever do guys? I like british amateur lesbians as much as any bloke,but this pair is just too sexy to lead a dickless life in my opinon.
I am unhappy to report however they are devoted lesbians and dicks are just not part of their lifestyle! On the bright side of that is the fact that I can watch them anytime I choose at British Amateur SplitLickers!
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Deep Ass Drilling August 31st, 2016


I have to give it to “Barry’s Mucky Movies”. It is better than the telly. Why would I say that? Well it is because if you don’t like what is showing at Barry’s you can just switch to a movie you do like!
The lesbians were boring me today (they might catch my interest though, tommorow). I was wanting some hardcore and threesomes seemed like a fine idea! So I just “flip” the channels at Barry’s and there they were this fine threesome from the UK, meet Paul, Calvin and Angelina. Angelina is on bottom right there!
This little sample shows some deep anal drilling that Angelina is receiving from Paul! He is balls deep in her nice ass and really enjoying the ride!
Well, so was I for that matter. The full length video goes to show how genuine british amateurs can beat out those pornstars in pure sex appeal and vigor!
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Up Her Arse August 27th, 2016


Amy and Ray are having a quiet evening and have invited Ray’s mate over for dinner and some entertainment with Amy’s tight arse.
Yeah, well they are not your average couple, this pair of UK swingers. They like a bit of variety, you know?
Tonight it is Amy’s turn to get an extra bit of attention and two hard cocks. Who knows they may invite the barmaid from the corner pub next week?
Hope that Amateur Moviez has the camera set up then too! This average looking brit couple are not shy in fact cameras whirring turn them on!
Amy is having a ball and Ray well he knows his turn will come and can’t wait for two women and their hot hungry mouths and slick tight pussies!
Our update today with Amy and Ray is from the archives of Amateur Moviez, a pornstar free and totally amateur site where couples of all sorts do anything they want and it is captured on camera for you!

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By Day Office Workers By Night Bukkake Queens August 23rd, 2016


I suppose I have said this before but I will say it again for those of you who are new. Every movie and picture here is all about genuine british amateurs getting nasty! There are no really beautiful girls here except for the occasional nice looking girl, just like you would see going down the street. Girls in all sizes and shapes and men in all sizes and shapes and ages. The one thing they all share is that they are from the UK and don’t mind getting naughty for the camera. In fact a few of these guys and girls got an extra thrill from knowing they were being filmed.
Today’s odd couple is no different. These are two girls who work in the same office. They both share the secret desire to experience a bukkake party. Together these slags get it from several loaded cocks! So come along and experience their first bukkake party with them.
These genuine british amateur sluts are brought to you by British Bukkake Parties.

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