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Amy Gets Stuffed May 21st, 2015

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It’s a good thing that Amy has an understanding man. Ray is a really good bloke, I mean when she said she wanted to fuck several guys he said nothing he just invited his mates over! Now how is that for a fine boyfriend? He will even film it so others can watch Amy getting stuffed!
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Amateur Next Door Bukkake Action May 17th, 2015


You think that sweet little piece next door never gets naughty or kinky? That girl who always smiles at you at the shop, she is so pure? Guess again man.
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Adelle And Tony Shagging May 13th, 2015


Adelle and Tony are your average couple from Kent. He drives a cab all day and she takes care of the home and plays the good mum, but every so often they decide to get kinky.
That is where we come in eh? Tonight they are setting up a camera after the kids are all tucked away and Adelle is going to get the shagging of her life!
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British Lesbians And The Sound Of Wet Pussy May 9th, 2015

Julie and Claire what a fine pair of british amateur lesbians. This little update sports two sample clips and during the first one I was impressed. There was plenty of nice nipple play and pussy fingering and you could tell these were two girls very much into pussy and each other. The first sample clip ended with me thinking this was going to be a fine movie.

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When the second began though I knew it was going to be fine – in fact better than fine. The first thing to catch my eye were the crotchless pink net stockings the blonde had one. Though she was the one holding the dildo you knew she was going to get her go too! The second thing to take my attention was the big black dildo the blonde was using on her partner and the sounds. Yes nothing sounds as good as hot wet pussy and a girl moaning as she cums!

Tammy’s Bushy Pussy Gets a Nice Fucking May 5th, 2015

I just have to tell you about this site I have loved for some time. Barry’s Mucky Movies…for you Yanks it means Barry’s Dirty Movies. If you haven’t seen it, I can clue you in.

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The site features British amateur couples having sex on camera. These are real amateurs from theUK. Barry’s places ads in underground newspapers and the like for people who want to fuck on cam. There is no fancy lighting or anything. Just good old fucking and sucking.

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Today, I am back looking at the British Amateurs on This site features real everyday people who enjoy sex, and don’t mind letting us watch. These people are not pornstars. You will not see guys that are hung like horses plowing birds with huge fake tits and silicone filled lips.

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You might have seen this gal working at the corner grocer, or rubbed elbows with the guy at your local pub. Real British People, Real Sex, No scripts or directors.

The flick for today features a lovely brunette with nice tits blowing her man hard after he has decorated her with a nice hot load of spunk. Once she gets him good and hard, she climbs on board for a nice fuck. The movie is simply marvelous. I can’t encourage you any further.


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I spent just a bit of time on this particular movie because I was enchanted with this girl’s rosy cheeks and natural looks. To see her in a british amateur gangbang was amazing to me and very titillating.

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She made the bald statement she was going to take as much cum as she could possibly swallow. Looking at her I am unsure what this delicate creature might hold but it was great fun watching her try.
I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the episodes at Gang Fuckerz because they are such regular uk amateurs and put in extraordinary situations. In this case I don’t think it is the norm for the little bar girl from the pub on the corner to be in a gangbang but – what do I know maybe she does it all the time and we don’t know?