Hot British Housewife Gets Her Creamy Reward

Once again I find myself at British Bukkake Parties, and I must admit it, I am obsessed with this site. I love the fact that these gals are regular British Housewives and Girlfriends. You will not find a pornstar in the lot.

amateur british bukkake

Well, enough of that, lets get on with today’s update. This set features a lovely brunette that just happens to have a nice big ass. Not too big, just right by my tastes. We see a few snaps of her in her undies, and soon then we cut to the chase. We find our lass surrounded by men who are sporting nice big erect cocks, and she soon sets upon them to harvest their bounty. She is sucking like a demon, trying to give them all their due. Before too long the guys have had all they can handle of this lovely sucking machine and they start to deliver jet after jet of hot cum to her face and tits.

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