Dirty British Blonde Gets Her Cum-Covered Jollies

Ok, I have British Bukkake Parties on the brain. I keep finding meself back on that site, and before I know it an hour or two has passed and my poor pecker is totally worn out.

british amateur cum covered bukkake party

The site features everyday British housewives doing their all to get a nice load on their faces and tits. I once had a girlfriend that loved to get defiled by a nice load all over her face, up her nose and so on. I loved that gal until she told me one day she found a bloke that could shoot more often than I could. I didn’t know about the wonders of celery in those days. I never have found another bird like that, but I will take British Bukkake Parties as a substitute.

Today’s feature is a nice dirty blonde who loves the feel of cum on her skin. In this set, she pleasures several guys orally until they spill their salty reward all over her face.

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