Tina Kay has no problem masturbating in front of friends

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It seems you’ve gone and mixed up the hotel booking so you and Tina have no choice but to share a room. You think Tina is going to be pissed off but actually she’s rather relaxed about the whole thing in fact she maybe a little to relaxed because she has no problem walking around in her sexy little night dress and knickers.

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Yes, she catches you looking at her sexy little ass as she walks back and forth barefoot. In fact Tina likes the fact you’re checking her out, she been horny all day and your cock is as good as any. She sites on the coach, opens her legs and starts to mes with her damp panties. You say nothing and just watch totally in shock at what you’re seeing. She takes your silence to mean that you want her to carry on. Tina peels of her damp knickers, spreads her legs as wide as they can go and starts to masturbate. She loves to watch boys wank so demands you get you hard boy out and wank it for her. This is your first mutual masturbation with a girl let alone a work colleague but you feel so horny and you cock is so hard you get it out and furiously tug, pull and wank your cock with your eyes locked on to her wet pussy as she slowly but firmly inserts her fingers inside her.