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Angelina gets a Good Bi-Racial Fucking Monday, January 16th, 2017

I really love Barry’s Mucky Movies. The site specializes in real British amateur hardcore and never has a pornstar on the site. The hardcore ranges from blowjob scenes, straight fucking, threesomes, and anal. All scenes are filmed in the UK by the Barry’s crew.


Today’s update features Angelina, a busty brunette with a love for cock. The scene starts off with a white guy licking and sucking her clit. At the same time she is sucking off a black guy. Both guys are sporting some nice sized cocks. Before long we see her getting fucked
by the white guy, as the black fellow waits his turn. One thing I am fairly sure of. At the end of this evening Angelina was feeling well fucked.

Hot UK Amateur Interracial Fuck Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

This fine movie comes to you from the blokes at If you haven’t checked them out before, they feature real British couples having sex. No pornstars or fitness models.

uk interracial sex

Just real couples who get turned on by showing the world this part of their private lives. Usually the scenes feature couples, but sometimes they show swinging couples with their neighbors having hot steaming sex. There are no bored gals looking like they would rather be somewhere else. Just couples enthusiastic about fucking.

Today’s couple is so into each other, I think they have forgotten the camera exists. It features non-stop fucking and lovemaking. This bird is so hot. This couple is kissing and fucking and you can tell she is getting close to the boiling point. This couple is so hot, I am going to have to buy a membership so I can see more.

Andrea and Robert Get Something Cooking In the Kitchen Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

You just have to check out Barry’s Mucky Movies. This site is phenomenal. For fans of amateur movies, there is nothing better.

uk couple fucks in kitchen

Barry’s features authentic British Amateurs, in real hardcore action. You can see oral, straight, anal and everything in between. I hate seeing so called amateur movies featuring bored porn stars, or stuff from foreign countries. I like being able to understand the dialog if
there is any.
In todays set we see Andrea and Robert getting it going in the kitchen. Andrea is a brunette with a nice body, firm tits and an ass that made my cock stand at attention. She starts making out with Robert, and soon she forgets about cooking dinner and concentrates on Robert’s nice hard cock. Before long she is sucking on it like a baby on mama’s tit.

Hot British Threesome Thursday, December 15th, 2016

I am here to tell you, this is one hot movie site, especially if you are a fan of amateur hardcore sex. features hot British Amateurs having steamy sex in their own homes. They do not have garish makeup or fake tits or any other pornstar rubbish (something real amateur sex fans hate). Just real people having real sex on camera for our enjoyment.

uk Amateur threesome

Today’s gallery is a special treat. It features a blondie getting a little extra loving if you know what I mean. It appears her hubby has invited one of his mates over to have a little fun with the wife. Soon she is enthusiastically sucking his nice cock whilst her husband takes care of her little puss with some nice licking. Before long, one thing leads to another and the friend is giving get a good fucking on the sofa, every stoke jiggling her tits as she moans.

Brit Amateur Geri gets it Doggystyle Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Once again, I am here raving about Barry’s Mucky Movies. The site features authentic British Amateurs having hardcore sex on camera.

british amateur fucking

These movies don’t tease. They get down to real hardcore action. No sorry looking bored pornstars going through the motions. These are real amateurs, who love to have sex on camera. The ladies are everyday folk, like you might run into at the corner store or pub. I just love this site. While some of the women are plain, some are drop dead sexy.
Todays update features Geri and Brad. Geri is a tattooed brunette with short hair, She is sporting a nice body with a decent rack. She starts things off by giving Brad a nice blowjob. Once he is nice and hard, he bends her over and has a go at her doggystyle.

Leah Gets Her Pussy Hammered Monday, October 24th, 2016

I just have to tell you about this site I found a while back. Barry’s Mucky Movies…for you Americans it means Barry’s Dirty Movies.

hard uk fuck

If you haven’t seen it, I can clue you in. The site features British amateur couples having sex on camera. These are real amateurs from Great  Britain. Barry’s places ads in underground newspapers and the internet for people who want to fuck on cam. There is no fancy lighting or  anything. Just good old fucking and sucking.

This scene features Leah, a blonde with nice sized titties. We see her  first on her knees sucking her man’s cock. Once it is nice and hard,  he gets her from behind and she is getting a serious fucking  doggystyle. Her man is driving her pussy like crazy. This is a really hot scene to watch. You really must check out Barry’s Mucky Movies.

British Amateur Orgy Video Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Three cocks, and one lady. That is the theme of this movie at There is really hot action in this movie, and the part that makes me randy is the fact that the gal isn’t some exotic beautiful model, but this is a real British housewife getting herself a good time.

uk amateur orgy

The gals on this site are all everyday British housewives. The guys are not stunt cocks, but blokes like you and me.
I can’t tell you anything negative about this site, cause every time I hit Amateur Moviez, there is a fresh video with a fresh face. She might be the clerk from the grocer, or a maid from the pub, and all these people are enjoying themselves. No gals looking like they are
bored to death, or forced to do something. This site is all about everyday people having a good time.


Tiny Tit Brunette Gets Some Hot Loving Monday, September 26th, 2016

I was checking out Amateur Moviez today and among the wonderful movies, I found this nice young couple.

tiny tit brit amateur fucking

She was a brunette with smallish tits and a nice body. No pendulous boobjobs in these movies, just wholesome British housewives getting fucked properly by their lovers. In this particular movie the couple trade some hot oral action, then her lover lays her back and gives her a nice luxurious fucking. The bliss is evident on her face as his cock saws in and out of her puss.
That is the thing I love about this site. Everyday women, no crazy makeup, no plastic surgery, just real people fucking. The guy is not some stunt cock who is fucking his tenth crackwhore of the day. You gotta check out the British Amateurs at Your cock will not regret it.