Best porn sites of today

Technologies gave us more than everything and even our desire. Now they captured our lust for sex and made any dream girl close. Through the screen, of course. So before you seduce your sweetheart, let’s take a look at the best offers that porn sites present us today. You can get the best discount on most porn sites from


Pornhub is one the most popular site on the subject. No more dingy magazine pages, you find it all online, blazing and colorful. The streamed data of Pornhub in the last year if contained in USB sticks would span them all the way around the moon. 64 M videos viewed per day. That’s it. The site has an extensive list of different categories and channels including amateurs and pornstars, web cam and celebrities, hardcore, cosplay and much more. Pornhub issues material for straight and gay and present you just the wealth of erotic videos at your fingertips. You may come across a site that boasts to have it all but in the end you are unsatisfied with their meager assortment of sex scenes. It can hardly happen with Pornhub, but there is much more to see so let’s move on!


It’s not a question to get good porn, but to get it safe. Next hosting delivering us tons of heat is Latina bombshells, ebony divas and white babes love to get naked in front of the camera to turn you up. No one is left out, check out steamiest movies on and you won’t be disappointed.


There is a variety network places for watching them doing it and the next is redtube. Like youtube for porn. Redtube presents clean interface, making it easy to search and watch, it is updated all the time, you won’t miss any new pastry. No virus or spyware or whatever found, nothing but more than one million hot stories since 2007 when Redtube was one of the fastest growing websites according to Wired. Never mind the name, the site also has enormous photo galleries of every imaginable sort. You may join associated social network that has more than 3M registered users and is also active on instagram. Search for your favorite side of porn, go ahead and watch alone or with you lover!


It has almost every fetish you can imagine. Literally has it all, it may be even the first site that comes to mind. One of the heavyweights of the industry with more than 100M videos available, including HD, VR and full-length movies. Poetic and artistic side to porn or hardcore action, what is your desire – you will find it there. Just for a minute, it’s the same old sex, no mystery, no big deal, it is only clitoris and penis, but we come back to watch again and again. Real life or steamy movies, relieve your stress. Shut up, moralists, we are going to the next site.


X-art has nothing to do with insulting sex, they embellish it. Their huge video collection may satisfy any taste, they supply you with the lust itself. Be careful not to fall in love with their models for each girl is a perfect embodiment of seduction.

Tina Kay has no problem masturbating in front of friends

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It seems you’ve gone and mixed up the hotel booking so you and Tina have no choice but to share a room. You think Tina is going to be pissed off but actually she’s rather relaxed about the whole thing in fact she maybe a little to relaxed because she has no problem walking around in her sexy little night dress and knickers.

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Yes, she catches you looking at her sexy little ass as she walks back and forth barefoot. In fact Tina likes the fact you’re checking her out, she been horny all day and your cock is as good as any. She sites on the coach, opens her legs and starts to mes with her damp panties. You say nothing and just watch totally in shock at what you’re seeing. She takes your silence to mean that you want her to carry on. Tina peels of her damp knickers, spreads her legs as wide as they can go and starts to masturbate. She loves to watch boys wank so demands you get you hard boy out and wank it for her. This is your first mutual masturbation with a girl let alone a work colleague but you feel so horny and you cock is so hard you get it out and furiously tug, pull and wank your cock with your eyes locked on to her wet pussy as she slowly but firmly inserts her fingers inside her.