A Cum Covered Surprise Party

I am here looking at British Bukkake Parties and thinking back to a time long ago. My girlfriend at the time told me that she had this sick desire, and after hours of working on her, she revealed that instead of me cumming in her cunt or for that matter, in her mouth, she would rather I cum on her face.

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After a few tentative tries of gently cumming on her lips and so on, she told me quite simply,” I want you to cum everywhere, my eyes, nose, up my nose if you want, just make sure that when you are done I look like a filthy whore”. I took to the program wholeheartedly. Soon I was decorating her face all hours of the day and night. Those are fond memories. Now I find myself with a wife that thinks semen only belongs in her puss and no where else. Now I have to fulfill this letch at British Bukkake Parties, and after looking at a few pages I can go back to my life of straight missionary sex.

Enough about me. Today’s feature has a lady, who is surprised her husbands throwing them a bukkake party.

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