British Amateur Bukkake Orgy October 20th, 2016

While this may be on British Bukkake Parties, they could just go ahead and call it an British Bukkake Orgies. Maybe I am a bit old and stuffy, but in my world, three naked birds sucking cock makes it an orgy.


These three housewives seem to be really enthusiastic about their work. I would love to have any one of them sucking on my cock. I can’t imagine the ecstasy of having them take turns, then eventually painting their faces with cum. I know I can’t have these three loves in my place tonight, so I will be on British Bukkake Parties. They feature page after page of hot jizz painted all over young womens faces. No drugged out coke whores, just your neighborhood gals who want a good time. For real british amature bukkake lovers this is a must see!

UK Amateur Gang Bangs Not Always So Smooth October 16th, 2016

I can now say I have seen it all in amateur porn. Up til I saw this episode from Gang Fuckerz I would have said there was no kind of amateur porn I had not seen before. WRONG.

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Gang Fuckerz is all about amateur british gangbangs one girl and a whole lot of guys.
Well in the first section the guy could not get his dick into the amateur girl. I know that sounds impossibly strange but, I tell you no lies. He could not get it in!
Well we never told ya amateur porn was all slick action it is just your regular blokes and one slag in a gang bang party. No guaranteed entry it looks like either!
There was a happy ending though because after a bit more than one dude got his pipe up that cooze!

British Amateur Orgy Video October 12th, 2016

Three cocks, and one lady. That is the theme of this movie at There is really hot action in this movie, and the part that makes me randy is the fact that the gal isn’t some exotic beautiful model, but this is a real British housewife getting herself a good time.

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The gals on this site are all everyday British housewives. The guys are not stunt cocks, but blokes like you and me.
I can’t tell you anything negative about this site, cause every time I hit Amateur Moviez, there is a fresh video with a fresh face. She might be the clerk from the grocer, or a maid from the pub, and all these people are enjoying themselves. No gals looking like they are
bored to death, or forced to do something. This site is all about everyday people having a good time.


Before And After A British Amateur Bukkake Party October 8th, 2016

I love the way these gals at British Bukkake Parties look, both before and after. They don’t look like they are bloody bored with what is about to happen. No sorry looking crackwhores on this site, waiting for their next fix.


These gals thrive on cum. They are everyday housewives with a naughty streak. They look positively pleased with the proposition of having their faces smeared with man goo. This bird is radiant with that load deposited about her face, and I would be proud to paint her face up myself. I so love a woman that wants to please her man, and this one totally fits the bill for me. My guess is that soon her man will be driving a hard cock within her and giving her a nice hot creampie in her little cunt. Check out this action : Click here British Bukkake Parties, you will not be sorry.

British Amateur Gang Fuckerz October 4th, 2016

You know, up until now I thought I had seen about all that british porn has to offer. I mean amateur wise anyway. I have joined bukkake sites and amateur couple sites and even a lesbian site. All of them rocked but this one, well left me pretty much amazed amused and tittilated!

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Today’s fiesty little sample video, consist of a very pretty uk amateur, a black girl and a whole gang of guys.
Yeah this is what really goes on behind closed doors at these parties. I would never have credited it though until I saw it with my own eyes.
These slags get hardcore shagging from 5 or total strangers. I bet they would not recognize these blokes passing them on the street!
I wonder if I might now any of these…something to think on eh? Well think no more take the tour of this brand spanking new UK Amateur Gang Bang Site.

Nicole Gets Nasty With A Hairy Muff September 30th, 2016

Meet Nichole and Colette 100% genuine amateurs and straight from the vaults of British Amateur Splitlickers.

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Our lesbian pair today is enjoying a bit of play time and of course with the curtains drawn and the house quiet this amateur pair indulges in hot tongue play. Now look at the furry much of Colette, that is not something you see on those pornstars but then again these amateur lesbians are just your ordinary girls who just happen to live together and like pussy.
I quite imagine Nichole has a mouthful of pussy fur by the end of this hot little scene but she sure doesn’t seem to mind and it is driving Colette out of her mind!
This hot little pair of genuine british amateurs get nastier still in the full length videos from British Amateur Splitlickers they are not confined just to pussy licking and tongues by any means.

Tiny Tit Brunette Gets Some Hot Loving September 26th, 2016

I was checking out Amateur Moviez today and among the wonderful movies, I found this nice young couple.

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She was a brunette with smallish tits and a nice body. No pendulous boobjobs in these movies, just wholesome British housewives getting fucked properly by their lovers. In this particular movie the couple trade some hot oral action, then her lover lays her back and gives her a nice luxurious fucking. The bliss is evident on her face as his cock saws in and out of her puss.
That is the thing I love about this site. Everyday women, no crazy makeup, no plastic surgery, just real people fucking. The guy is not some stunt cock who is fucking his tenth crackwhore of the day. You gotta check out the British Amateurs at Your cock will not regret it.

British Amateur Housewife Caught September 22nd, 2016

I love this amateur movie site that I came across. It has real british amateurs and real action. The women are not fashion models, they are just regular gals that like a nice hard fuck.


This one I looked at today was especially nice. There was this nice bird, your average British housewife, and she was having a time with a couple blokes. She has a nice clit piercing. A few years ago, those piercings put me off, but now they do nothing but turn me on. She sucks some cock then they settle down to some good old shagging. A real hot time. I know I am revved up by this scene, and I bet you will be too. This site is
really hot. You know these are real amateurs who are having a good time. Nobody looks bored with what is going on. I positively love