Blonde In Charge Of This British Gangbang December 7th, 2016

Today’s little update was a bit of a wake up call for me. I am used to seeing these gang banging slags all laying about and moaning and groaning and being tossed this way and that by the guys. Not in this one this mature blonde was definitely in charge and it was a bit of a party atmosphere with everyone laughing and having a good time.

british amateur gang bangers

So who says British amateur gangbangs need to be dull whining and moaning affairs (nothing wrong with that in it’s place). Why not make them a party with bawdy jokes and the gal making just as many jokes as the guys as she gets stuffed with random dicks!
This was definitely a different kind of gangbang and just goes to show you that brits break the mold in everything! You can’t rely on the same old thing with brit amateur gangbangs!

Naughty UK Couples Bathtime Ritual December 3rd, 2016

I am back again checking out the hot British Amateurs on This site features everyday people having sex and letting us have a window into this part of their lives. There are no pornstars or elaborate sets. On this site you will see couples having sex in their homes. If you want reality, there is nothing better.

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Today’s horny UK couple seem to be fresh out of the shower. He has rubbed baby oil on her freshly shaved pussy, then he starts to eat her out. After she enjoys a powerful orgasm, she gets to work sucking his cock. You can see the loving intent in their eyes. Towards the end of the movie we see him get ready to coat her lovely tits with his spunk. I have to admit this scene really got me randy.

Tattooed UK Hottie Gets Cum Splattered November 29th, 2016

I am once again looking at British Bukkake Parties, and what a site. I can’t tell you all the girls that are waiting to be splattered by a few loads of man goo. The entire site is filled with birds who love cum and cannot wait to have a lineup of guys giving them a good hosing down. Every page is filled with a virtual orgy of cocksnot action.

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Today’s babe is a nice young brunette housewife. She is sporting a few tattoos and from the gleam in her eye, it is easy to tell that she has a yearning to get nasty. Before long, we see guys lining up to deliver her hot steaming jets of jizm. One by one, they cum all over her face and tits till her features are obscured by cloudy pools of pecker snot. What a scene.

Natailia Gets a Nice Fuck November 25th, 2016

Once again I am here to talk to you about Barry’s Mucky Movies. This site is fantastic, if you are a fan of amateur hardcore sex. I just cannot tell you how much I love the British Amateurs on this site.

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They are true UK couples filmed in the UK. The people in these movies are regular everyday people you might rub elbows with at the market. They just enjoy having people watch them have sex on cam. Todays update features Natalia. All I can think when looking at Natalia is wow. She is blessed with a huge pair of knockers, a lovely face and short blond hair. In todays flick, we see Natalia’s lover sucking on her big nice tits, She starts to get turned on, and soon her man is fucking her brains out. He has a huge cock and he is slamming in and out of her hot pussy.

A Cum Covered Surprise Party November 21st, 2016

I am here looking at British Bukkake Parties and thinking back to a time long ago. My girlfriend at the time told me that she had this sick desire, and after hours of working on her, she revealed that instead of me cumming in her cunt or for that matter, in her mouth, she would rather I cum on her face.

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After a few tentative tries of gently cumming on her lips and so on, she told me quite simply,” I want you to cum everywhere, my eyes, nose, up my nose if you want, just make sure that when you are done I look like a filthy whore”. I took to the program wholeheartedly. Soon I was decorating her face all hours of the day and night. Those are fond memories. Now I find myself with a wife that thinks semen only belongs in her puss and no where else. Now I have to fulfill this letch at British Bukkake Parties, and after looking at a few pages I can go back to my life of straight missionary sex.

Enough about me. Today’s feature has a lady, who is surprised her husbands throwing them a bukkake party.

I Wish I was Her Dildo November 17th, 2016

I love real Amateur Hardcore, and Amateur Moviez has just that. No fluff, no pornstars. Just your average British housewives getting stuffed. You might even see the neighbor or your best mate’s wife getting a good fucking. These are real people having sex and letting the rest of us in on it. I sure find it compelling, and I am sure you will too.

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This scene is really hot. Apparently this gal was a bit randy, so her lover got a big fat vibrating dildo and began working it in and out of her hairy snatch. Occasionally he takes a quick lick at her clit and then it is back to work with that vibe. Eventually she is ready for the real thing, and he gives her a good shagging. This site is great. It features real British Amateurs having a real good time.

Big Titted Brunette Enjoys Some Cock November 13th, 2016

I love tits. Big or small, and Barry’s Mucky Movies has them of all shapes and sizes. The one thing that they have in common is the fact they are all attached to British women.

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Barry’s features British amateur hardcore. These are real amateurs. No cheesy pornstars, just
UK amateurs that want to have sex on camera. Today’s movie features Paul and Ola. Ola is a brunette with nice sized titties and nice body. In this clip she starts off by giving Paul a
nice blowjob. She stops before he fills her mouth with cum so he can fill her fanny with his nice cock. They assume a sidesaddle position, so he can drive his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, whilst he licks her ear and kisses her neck. This is a really hot scene with
this couple.

A Pair Of Uk Amateurs Take On Gangbang November 9th, 2016

Today’s little update springs right from British Gang Fuckerz and is all about UK amateurs who take on groups of guys for sex. Not your average private party,no. However it sure does happen and Gang Fuckerz has the pictures and movies to prove it.

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These two babes today have an entire group of guys lined up for the gang fuck and they perform admirably. Though one of these girls had her fanny fucked too and wasn’t as happy about that as sucking cock. When you get a group of guys together stuff like that happens.
In any case this is a group of pure UK amateurs and cameras though not fancy do the job and the girls aren’t wearing pornstar makeup which makes it way better for me. I like watching the faces and see who I might recognize.